Particle Attribute Question

Hello everyone,
I’m new at the vfx World and while I was learning Niagara System I tried to create an attribute for each particle of my system and I know how to create the attribute , but i really don’t know how to set a value to the new attribure.
In my case, I would like to assign like a radius value to each particle but I don’t know if I have to create an script for set the value of the radius, or theres another way like a general attribute setter or somethink like that.
Thank you very much <3

Welcome to vfx then :slight_smile:
If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at this thread, there’s some good tutorials linked there:

So, here are some images hopefully answering your question:

  • Create new Particle Attribute

  • Either in Particle Spawn or in Particle Update hit the ‘+’ to add a new module and go on ‘Set new or existing parameter directly’

  • Select the module and set it to the value you like

  • Win!