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FYI: Unreal Engine Livestream - Niagara: What’s New - Feb 14 - Live from HQ

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Experiment with hologram effect. More realistic volume effect with sprites


Hey guys, - I’m taking a look at ribbons in Niagara, and cant get them to be smooth AND get nice movement, - I am continually spawning particles (one spawn, then next then next, etc.) Not creating static beams using bursts. As im trying to create a continually emitted line as such

Ive tried changing spawn rate / tessellation / spawn per unit, and various other things, any ideas? Seen this issue posted many times but no real general solution given, only solution that worked for specific use cases.

Perhaps I’m approaching it wrong too? as I’m not using the beam setup/ beam update as used by the content examples that get smooth ribbons

  • Note my lifetime as shown above is no longer random as I know that will cause some issues!:slight_smile:

Niagara issues and help

When i sample static mesh, i wonder, how can i get world position offset from material?



I suspect you’re running into one of the fundamental problems of using ribbons, which is that once the particles are no longer uniformly spaced you start seeing overlaps and kinks. If you take any of the content example ribbon emitters and add a curl noise force to them you should see the same issues. The content examples look nice and smooth because they chose a situation where they could avoid this.