Niagara / unreal GDC



Played around with changing a Niagara emitter with a blueprint, it felt a bit wonky but seamed to come out alright. I’m also relatively new to effects work so let me know what you think!


I have used texture sampling instead of Vertex color.
I mean I used a render target for real time painting.
The below is another example that have render target texture view.

Particles adjust to ground using heigtmap.
Regarding Switching Particles, painted color doesn’t mean ‘color’. Those are just ID.
I’ve tried to avoid to use ‘if’ fucntion.
1.I’ve added index to RGB color (R=-1, G=0, B=1).
2.Made the state ‘Paricles have RGB color, (1,0,0)or(0,1,0)or(0,0,1)’.
like this,
ceil(PintedColor - 0.01) * (1-clamp(0,1,abs(floor(rand(2.9999)-1) - float3(-1,0,1))));
3.Made new module that have 3 params’ input for scale, velocity, color and so on.
not only Niagara but also Maerial for switching texture. I mean I used single material for this fx.
4.Multiply those 3 params by the result of 2. Then added 3 params.


Unreal Engine 4 Niagara Tutorial 27 Static Mesh
Attempting to use static mesh to create particles with more realistic visualization


Hey great work!! I loved it and so I decided to tinker with making it work on skeletal meshes. here is the graph for it.


Creation realistic morphing …


Experiments using skeletal mesh as a source of particles sprites.


Next experiment with skeletal mesh