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I’ve noticed a bit of wait times as well
@steyrboy mentioned this as a potential source:

if you’re on latest dev-niagara, you’re going to want to use the following console command

log LogNiagara off

They enabled some debug output and if you have a lot of particles it will fill your output log


I was seeing huge hitches when changing values, and even when when systems looped. If I opened the output log it would literally freeze the editor for minutes as it loads all the data from memory, and sometimes crash the editor when it ran out of memory. Disabling that logging definitely fixed what I was seeing. I’m not sure if it is a problem in the official 4.20 release, but I did run across it in the dev-niagara branch. Toggle it off and see if it helps.


What sorts of log spew are you guys getting?


I just removed all of my anti-logging commands and it appears to not be happening anymore on dev-niagara, at least with the systems that proved to be most problematic in the past. I cannot vouch for official 4.20 release though.


Fun with beams in VR.


Would love to see #ue4niagara picked up for cool Niagara effects that people come up with! Thanks to @cannabis.cod3r for the idea!


Hello all. I got a chance to get back to my update issue and figured out it was actually quite simple.:rofl:

For ref, I was testing with the early access tut that Ash created.

The issue is that I had the playback of the emitter running. So, when I adjusted the slider values the playback was jumping back to the beginning and starting over again. If I turn off playback the update is real time just as demonstrated in Ash’s videos.

This happened only with the dragable inputs like DistributeX, NumInstance, etc. But it happens with all of them, and probably is doing just what it is supposed to eh?

The curve sample to adjust Z pos works fine in realtime with playback running or not.

ShaunK : I did start out by checking the log and there was no large amount of info happening. It was actually very minimal.

Clearly this is just a “learning curve moment”



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Small Experiments with Niagara

Now I’m looking for a way to stop ParticleUpdate in NiagaraComponent from Blueprint in game


Are you wanting to continue spawning or effectively just pause the simulation as-is?

Cool work, btw… mind if I tweet the link?


I’m trying to stop the update of particles in Niagara in game mode from the plan. This is necessary to create a very large number of particle sources and update only those that are in sight. The goal is not to load the entire process with the constant updating of all sources, but only those that require it at the moment. I do not want to kill sources, because they need to be displayed. Sorry for my knowledge of English)



I want effectively just pause the simulation as-is.


ShaunKime, tweet of couse))


Can someone try to create fractal structures? Share the experience please) It is necessary that one created stream created a place for the birth of the next. Do I need to do this with events? Is it possible to transfer events inside one emitter to yourself?


I also want to grow a tree)
Added a couple more experiments


My first fractal tree))))



My first fractal tree)))


@ARThiteca I would love to see how you made your fractal trees they are amazing!!


With pleasure I will share) Now I’m trying to bring this into a readable and simpler form, and in one of the following videos I will attach a link to the files.