Niagara issues and help




Hi everyone i am creating this thread for all niagara related issues and help tips and trick. because many of us learning naigara so there should be one place for all. please post in this thread only all niagara related stuff. i have posted some niagara issues separately i cant move them in this thread but from now i will post in this thread…



Good idea. Maybe you could add links to your first post to all the tips/hints you’ve given so far?




Niagara lights does not works properly. i just restart my project and light stopped working those were working perfectly but not now i have deleted and recreated but not working anyway… is it bugs in niagara or i am missing something…???
this was the effect i created in niagara and i was adding lights in those sparks…
video here


how to use niagara particle system with animation composite timeline like we can use cascade particle… is there any way ??? or this feature is missing from niagara???


I had this question about using the Deactivate vs Destroy nodes in blueprints when handling niagara systems, this issue is present in 4.21, what I really want to know is whether or not the Deactivate node is acting the same as the destroy node, because it seems to be destroying the system when I use Deactivate.
And then the Destroy node seems to do nothing :confused: