[NIAGARA] Can't make my Mesh emitter to sync with my sprite emitter in the system

So I was trying to make a effect using mesh spheres and I need them to follow the sprites, I started with a circular movement cause i thought it would be easier (and i could use the CGHow tutorial as a base) but it doesn’t work at all, there is a way to make the sprites follow the mesh/the mesh follow the sprite position? Thanks in advance and sorry if there is a conversation about it, i could not find it :c

If you have one emitter with both mesh and sprite renderers it will draw both on the same particles.
You can also switch visibility based on for example spawn-group to make some of the particles meshes and others sprites

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If you just want to use the same poistion you either put the mesh renderer in the same emitter as the sprites like Niels suggested, or you could use 2 things
1, Events
2. particle attributes

  1. with events you need to create an event write and an event reader, ( you could use the position event form the presets )
  2. with the particle attributes, you create just a new module in the system that should follow the first system, then add a particle attribute vector node name it as position and then define in the module level the name of the emitter it should come from
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thank you so much Niels, this was SO useful and solved the problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much Dome, both things worked (I did both so i could learn how to use the event modules