My first Particle Effect! It'll be cool to have some feedbacks

Hi everyone,

my name is Nicolas and I’m new to Vfx. I live in Montreal and currently studying in Campus ADN.

It’ll be nice to have some feedback on my VFX work before sending it to my portfolio.

For the 1st vfx I made:
-It’s a vortex grenade inspired by Destiny.

Check it out on the link below:

I heard this was a nice community. I really hope to have some feedback as soon as possible.

Thank you all.


It’s a great fx man ! I wouldn’t place mine first fx next to it))) It’s cool to see that you’ve got various states involved, the only that may caught an eye is the last glimpse ( starish glow )

I mean you can try to align it horizontaly ( so it won’t get culled ) and add a small bollboard glow on top of it…kinda

Or you can probably just make z-offset , will do the trick as well)

Hey, thank you very much! I’ve got a good Mentor by my side that helps a lot.

I made the change you mentionned and it looks much nicer.

I made other improvements. Do you think they improved the FX or not?


Hey man, looks much cleaner , good job !:+1:

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