Money Throw VFX - WIP - Money Throw VFX WIP

Hey! I’m very new to VFX and would appreciate some feedback! I’ve been working on a money throw VFX (inspired by the Yakuza game series), but as you can see in the video the notes do this weird snapping thing when they reach the ground. It only does this when the Orbit module is switched on, but without the Orbit module the notes don’t do the fluttering motion. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it’s been driving me crazy for about a week now!

The effect I’ve been using for reference -


I am not expert in unreal, but I guess its the collision / friction value which is making particle freeze, are you using EPCC_Freeze?

Thanks for the reply! I do have it set to Freeze in the Actor Collision module, but if I change it to any of the other options the particles continue to fall through the floor. I’d like them to settle on the floor organically and then disappear after a set amount of time.