MinJnr : Sketch #14 Wip


I haven’t made a sword trail before and haven’t had much time this month.
But looking at all the entries I wanted to give it a bash anyway, so I will be throwing together something a bit ad-hoc as i figure out the intricacies of the effect.

An attempt based off and inspired by the awesome effects that @Niels has been uploading.

(Recording isn’t working at the moment, as soon as it does I will upload the motion)

I will start simple, I am keen to try add maybe two more elements to this one. Some embers and smoke possibly.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Was experimenting with another layer and I added some particles.

I shall tackle some wispy smoke like effects to trail off either tomorrow or this weekend.

Also, screen recording decided to behave…so here is a video for some motion :smile:


Looking great.

One thing that could be worth a try is masking off the sides ever so slightly using your noise. I find it distracting that the sides have straight perfectly cut of lines in an otherwise quite organic looking effect.


Thank you wyvery!
100% agree with that, the edges are rather jarring.

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I have a question:

I have masked the top and bottom of the trail and added subtle mask on the left edge.

Toward and at the end of the trails’ lifetime, I want to have the effect sort of erode away rather than squash in on itself.

Would it be best to do an alpha erode driven by a dynamic parameter? Or set up a little bit of “disintegrate” logic (the use of If nodes) in the trails material graph, which will also be driven by the dynamic parameter?

I will probably try both of these anyway to see what results they yield, but would be interesting to know the thoughts of others.
I am using UE4.

Thanks again.

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A pic of the top and bottom masked. (no subtle edge mask)

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I am fairly inexperienced when it comes to all this, but for my entry I increased the lifetime of the trail and used alpha erosion driven by a dynamic parameter to stop the ‘Catch up’ issue… I was pretty happy with how it turned out anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Post up your result when you do it, intrigued to see how it will look!

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Thank you! I will def put up the results of my experimenting. :slight_smile:

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So this is as far as i got. The look of my flame changed somehow, i think due to me adding in a couple more textures.
I know the challenge is over, but figured I would still post where I am at.

I learnt that i can get carried away with my materials and it ends up becoming a mess, haha.
I also lost the soft drop off of the flame somewhere along the line, so will be looking into fixing that and making other improvements as I attempt other swipe styles.

Thanks for the challenge. :slight_smile: