Magic Projectiles Vol. 1 - Unreal Engine


A few weeks ago the Magic Projectiles Vol.1 was accepted in the Unreal Marketplace and I just wanted to share it here for anyone interested.

The package contains:

  • 30 Projectiles (10 Unique with theme variations);
  • 27 Hits/Impacts (9 Unique with theme variations);
  • 27 Muzzles (9 Unique with theme variations);
  • Demo Scene;
  • Projectile Blueprints (speed, fire point, etc);

Please contact me if you have any doubts or suggestions.

Showcase Video

Here’s a few screenshots:


Looking good dude!

I love the vibrancy of these.

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Thanks man appreciate the luv.

It was my first package with Unreal actually and it was an awesome experience learning about this engine. I mostly only developed on Unity, so it was quite the adventure. But, anyway, both are amazing software.

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These are so juicy and energetic, I can tell a lot of time went into these detailed effects!

Though in my opinion the impact feels a little off. If I threw a fireball at someone the point of impact would be on the very end of the projectile, but I feel your explosion is positioned slightly back and it feels a little off to me.

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Yeah I see what you are saying. I think it’s mostly likely happening because the collider is equal for all the projectiles, and since some are smaller and others are bigger… I will try to fix it.

But thanks for the input, very much appreciated :wink:

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