Magic missile WIP



oh yes, i also went through this process recently; recommend adjustments to softness,strength and size graphs with tablet pressure so you can paint soft edges

Paul Miller: Sketch #13 WIP

Very good @Torbach! Thanks for sharing!
It was one of your tutorials that made me use Krita in the first place! :smiley:


Great tutorial, thank you very much!


hey @jqarlsson I’m trying to do an effect that uses splines in a similar way that you do here. My question is, How do yo get your smoke effect to spawn at the end of the Spline path?
What I figured I could do was, take the “complete” output on my timeline node, and plug that into my “Spawn emitter at location” But that doesnt seem to do anything. Do you have any thoughts on that?


Hey pmiller!

I just attached the particle emitter to a collision sphere in the blueprint and then I check whenever that sphere collides with my target and spawn an effect from that event! :slight_smile:
You could take spawn from the timeline too but if you want to iterate and change anything you’re creating more work for yourself since you’ll need to tweak more numbers!


oh man, i should probably do that. I’m trying something similar and your method sounds infinitely more reasonable haha. Thanks!


This is looking very nice!


This is really nice. My only suggestion would have been to add a tiny bit of directionality to the launch smoke, so it moves a tiny tiny bit in the opposite direction of the projectiles. It’s a very minor detail and the effect looks great as is! And thank you for the breakdowns, really useful!


Thank you @mkalt0235 and @Urgaffel!
If I revisit this effect I’ll try it out! Otherwise its really good feedback that I’ll bring to my future effects :slight_smile: When I get some time off! :smiley: