League of Legends/World of Warcraft VFX portfolio. Can i use their models and animations?

Hey guys.
I’m currently learning VFX in unity. While doing that i’m thinking about my ultimate end goal - try to create a portfolio with (hopefully) some League of Legends and WoW VFX recreations. To make it look good, i was thinking - can i use their models? If so, where can i find them? especially with league i’ve seen people use the characters and the background of the map, it look so cool.

thanks in advance for the help!

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First consideration for using commercial content is in making sure it meets “fair use” requirement or that you have permission from the commercial entity in question.

Second is in the finding of the content. How were the models obtained? Are they remakes? are the extracted from the game? Check eula for the game in question, some allow for mods which make the language of using existing content less constrained, while others will claim you can’t touch them for any reason. Meaning by extracting the models, it’s illegal to begin with. So while you may be allowed to show images of the model from in game screen shots for non commercial things, you can’t simply illegally rip the model and re-render them. So, that is something you want to look into.

lastly, does it have to be those characters? there are a lot of free to download creative commons 3D models. This frees you from any worry about copyright.


Thats important information thanks! Now i’m only missing half of the question - if someone knows were i can find some models of League and WoW please hit me up :slight_smile:


A friend sent me this link a few days ago. I didn’t look it up yet, so I’m not sure about how the process works. And I don’t know for sure how much using this workflow can be authorized by Riot for portfolio purposes only. Feel free to check it out and to give some feedback about this tutorial here. I saw you were using Unity, but I hope it could still help! :wink:

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thans a lot!!! that video is really helpfull man :smiley:

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