Is that possible send on death event to blueprint?

I want to create collect magnet item effect using niagara but I don’t know how to generate Event on player collect niagara particle (Which is on death particle.)

There’s Generate Death Event module but I think this module is for another emitter.

Is there any way to send death event to blueprint?

I set up a blueprint for Niagara interaction based on the death event using this method a year ago.
Therefore, if you modify it according to this video and provide a boolean value of true on particle death, it should function.

Thanks for the answer!

However, I’m such a newbie to the Niagara system, so I don’t know what data I should use to send the data that the particle died to the Blueprint

I’ve looked through the system parameters and I don’t see a Bool parameter that describes that the particle is dead, so I’m not sure what data I could use to trigger that event.


  1. Set a death event model in particle update.

2. You will get in the module outputs a bool value that is true when a particle dies.

3. Drag and drop the bool to set it as a condition to trigger the blueprint interface event.

  1. It is the same as the tutorial, the only real difference is the condition bool insted of collision you use the death bool.

I really appreciate for your kind answer! I LOVE YOU

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