Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


You bet Matt Radford, I am still ongoing showcasing your work with the Insights Interview link.
So much to do and so little time. Your has been pre-approved for the pro site to embed any of cebas created /curated videos and we will also be releasing the video interviews there. Talk again :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m Tom from Eleven Eleven, working with AAA studios around the world on various art positions but with a focus on realtime VFX. Most of the projects I am working on are realistic UE4 (or a similar engine) games and that’s the type of FX Artist that these studios are looking for. I’ve actually helped a couple of the guys here (like Chris Judkins) find new opportunities!

I mainly deal with mid-lead level roles (at least 3 years AAA experience for a mid-level), but I do occasionally have junior roles.

If you’re looking for something new right now or in the future feel free to get in touch.



Hey all !

My name’s Maxime, and I’m currently a student living in France, who aspires to become a VFX artist. I discovered my passion for VFX last year, it’s such a fantastic universe to play with ! I learned a lot from the great tutorials made by Sirhaian and several others, thank you guys for these videos :smile:

Even if I like all VFX styles, I’m particularly attracted by the well-timed/animated and dynamic ones, it’s something very important for me. I’m very inspired by oriental VFX art, with websites like CGwell, I find their work extremely precise and rigorous. Beside that, I actually enjoy realistic VFX too, so, I don’t know in which style I could specialize myself right now.

If you want to take a look at my portfolio, here is the link :

Thanks for creating this awesome community !


Hey everybody.

My names Devin Spencer, I’m currently a student at the school known as Ful Sail University whos trying his darnest to become a VFX artist. I first got inspired by VFX from a little old game series known as Devil May Cry, where its powerful visuals made me go nuts as a kid, especially the 4th edition of the series. But that was what simply got me interested in doing VFX, I’ve always been a huge fan of how things happen within games, how explosions are created or how fireflies float around in the forests. Its just something that’s always interested me, make my eyes sparkle with a bit of wonder ya know?


Hello everyone, been lurking a while and just surfacing.

My name is Sebastian (28), but some call me ‘Hati’. I’m from Germany and part of a small gamedev team on the adventure of founding a gamedev studio ( Yes quite insane ) and would describe myself more of a Tech Artist currently. Part time I also teach game programming.

My way into VFX… I really don’t know where it started, like if there was a “that moment”. Probably all that spell effects in Secret of Mana / Secret of Evermore / Seiken Densetsu 3 and in general melee combat effects in early Monster Hunters like proper bleeding on characters and procedural animations.

After failing my first studies in computer science, I restarted studying a year later computer science again.
Did lots of computer graphics stuff like shader programming, rendering engine programming for personal fun, render optimization work here and there (for applications aside from games), procedural generation, particle/fluid simulations/gpgpu programming.

In my last years during bachelor I started focusing more on workflow and drifted more into a Tool Programming direction from there I would say. So I started focusing more on workflow for gamedev as a programmer in general, working on utility and empowering the designers in our team drifting more and more into Tech Artist territory.

I used Unity for ~3 years, mainly as for small augmented reality applications and location based storytelling applications. And still use it here and there for work. We just switched to Unreal for our current title after some evaluation time (~1,5 year ago).

Our current title is called Paused ( WIP Title - as it is just not that easily searchable with “paused game” ). An action-adventure about time manipulation and telling the fairy tale of an ancient otter civilization possesing the power to slow down time. I mainly do programming and effects here, currently busy working on the combat system as next slice.

We try to have a full vertical slice ready by the mid of the year :slight_smile:

( Sorry for german narrator, budget is tight for prototype and we are very lucky to have him :slight_smile: )

Aside from that I try to get better in VFX overall by doing studies and small sketches of ideas / learning stuff basically for either Paused like here:

Or just simple experiments with spell effects and getting better at creating bases for VFX.

Also nice to meet everyone :blush:


Hello All!

I am Jawad currently working as VFX Artist at Fiverr and Upwork. I have been in industry from last 5 years. I use 3Ds Max, After Effects and Adobe Premier. If anyone need VFX Services can reach to me through my following profiles:



Muhammad Jawad


Hey everyone,

Found this forum from last year’s GDC (2017). Came back to GDC again this year (2018) and really love this community so I figure I’d better join and contribute!

Received a BFA and MFA in 3D computer animation and music from the Ohio State University. My primary passion is creating real-time visualizations of music. Completely procedural worlds, effects, and fun visuals that can help tell stories and visually portray music in new ways using a game engine for rendering. Previously worked at DreamWorks animation in layout and completed their FX challenge program. Currently building 3D animations and visualizations predominantly using Unity3D, Maya, Realflow, and AE. All of my music visualizations are real-time and generated in Unity. You can check out many of my works on my website or Youtube channel.

Nice to meet everyone and please don’t hesitate ping me!


Hey all! My name is Cris and I’m here to learn learn learn.

I am just starting my vfx career, I have been a general artist on 4 small game projects while in undergrad. I did everything from directing, concepting, modeling, animating, level design, vfx, and tech art. I graduated with a bachelor’s in studio art and now I’m starting to specialize in vfx! I’m currently digging into Unity (can’t wait for the visual shader to come out!).

For now I’m working on a little game project with some friends but I still have so much to learn and I’m really excited to engage with this community! Y’all are doing some really inspirational work ^U^


Hey guys!

I’m Rizzo and I’m currently a UI artist at BHG in Baltimore. I started in the game industry about three years ago and ~one year ago discovered my love for VFX and shaders! I’m very into stylized, juicy FX (hatched from an eternal love of Kingdom Hearts, probably) and am so excited to soak up all the knowledge on these forums.

I found this place via GDC 2017 VFX roundtable and have been lurking ever since, so I figured now was as good a time as ever to join. :slight_smile:

Currently most familiar with Unity & C#, semi-familiar with HLSL, and pretty new to node-based systems like Houdini, Shaderforge, Amplify, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to ping me! I’d also love to follow you on twitter if you’re on it - I’m @rizzodaly :sparkles:


Hey dude! Welcome to the forums! I totally have to reply to this because the love for stylized juicy FX (SPECIALLY KINGDOM HEARTS …must…not…fanboy…)!

Since you do UI, be sure to check our boy Alexander’s post. Some pretty amazing splash screen stuff with scrolling texture with mask setup!!


My name is Emil Christenson and I am a technical artist at a R&D studio under MTG(modern times group, not Magic the gathering :wink: ) in Stockholm, Sweden. I got my bachelor degree in game design from Uppsala University in 2017 and I stumbled upon this awesome site and it has really got me inspired to delve deeper into VFX as that is something I am lacking in my current skill set as a TA. Love to be here and I am looking forward to all the discussions and all the feedback I can get from you guys!


Hello friends.

I’m a 3d animator looking to explore the world of vfx. I just started with UE4/Cascade about a month ago, so there’s a ton to learn! See you around.



Hi everyone!

I’m Mik and I’m a VFX artist for mobile games at Ludia in Montreal. I’ve been working on VFX in Unity for about a year now after transitioning from Motion Graphics.

Nice to meet you all, I’m eager to be part of your community.



I`m Greg, a VFX Artist that lives in Brazil - Amazon

I work at Black River Studios, a studio inside one of the Samsung`s office.

I was a game programmer graduated in Computer Science and with a Master Degree in Data Science (Image retrieval). But my passion for games a skills with illustration dragged me to VFX after I got my first job as Game Programmer (Took me a year to learn 3D and shaders before becoming a VFX Artist).

Ive been posting around some Effects from the game Zelda BotW, that Im recreating for studies. So if youve seen those, its me here o/

I also worked on the game Conflict0 - Shattered for GearVr.

It`s really nice to meet so many good FX Artists here :smiley:


How’s it goin people!
i’m Shuaib (but you can call me Elzi) And i’m a new to the Vfx world! Got into it during my game and Vfx program in school (which started 6 months ago), and i’m learning more and more Vfx has to offer! been having alot of fun with it and see myself improving as time goes by.

I haven’t done much work yet, but here’s one of the projects i worked on for my portfolio



I’ve been working in Croteam for couple of years now. Mostly photogrammetry and varios modeling stuff. Im coming from photography/print/dtp/cnc related stufffs in which i have about 10 yrs of experience…

My enthusiasm got me “learn VFX and make amazing stuffs” award… So i started using Houdini couple of months ago, and now I feel like I’m getting hang of it… But I’m really just poking around…

Hello to everyone!


Hi everyone!

My name is Ilya Khamidulin. I am Technical Artist at Gameloft (Kharkov Studio, Ukraine). I’m working on developing mobile games.

The last year and a half, I often had to create visual effects and take part in improving the internal tools for vfx-artists, in which I was strongly helped by the discussions from this resource (discussions of new methods, shaders etc.).
My experience in this area is very modest, but I hope that in the future I will be able to fully dig into this world of magic.



It’s good to be here!
I am new to this site and to VFX. Currently working as a Production Tester (QA) and looking forward to learn as much as possible about VFX in games. Am using mainly UE4’s Cascade, experimenting, watching tons of youtube tutorials and looking for inspirations. A co-worker recommended me this web site, so here I am :slight_smile:

And here’s my first puddle-doddle:


I’ve been around for a while but missed the introductions.
My name’s Mickaëlle Ruckert, I currently work for Arkane Studios in France where I worked on Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider, worked at Ninja Theory before that on Enslaved + Pigsy perfect 10, DmC + Vergil Downfall.
This place is no short of wonderful, a massive thank you to the people who made it come together and to all of you who contribute to making it so valuable every day.


Hi everyone!

My name is Kees Klop and I’m 21 years old. I’m a self taught traditional Special effects animator from the Netherlands.

I’ve worked on 2 projects, WhatTheHen! in Prague and Lethal League Blaze in Hilversum. With my own company name SmearKees Animations.

I still only have 6 months of professional experience so I still have lots to learn and with RealtimeVFX I feel in the right place!

Curious what I make, check out my reel :slight_smile: ?