How to create a dissolving Shield effect?

Hello everyone, I want to make a dissolve effect for my shield (spawning particles at the edges or in other words where the opacity of the shield becomes 0):

I searched for some tutorials and found some good ones like these:

But due to how my shield material works, I can’t seem to make it work. Anyone that can help me out? This is the material used on the shield:

Thank you in advance!

  1. If your shield is a hemisphere, then I think you should use a Burst Emitter and set the location to a hemisphere.
  2. Based on your current shield, you can set the alpha based on the y-position and expose that parameter. This way, when you dissolve your shield, you can control the alpha parameter manually too.
  3. For optimization, you can set the total particle count to 0 before the shield starts to dissolve.

This way, all control is manual. A more advanced method is to emit particles at the edges of your shield. Someone did that by dissolving a paper; you can find that topic in this forum.