How do i make my timing better?

hi everyone im kindly asking for suggestion on how to make explosion timing better. im working with unity and i have so many problem with adjusting curves i try to mess with it a lot but the output has never been clean enough


Hey, It’s looking good!
A good thing to do to get timing right is to check references.
For example, terrible event but good ref:
By pressing , and . you can step through frames to study the videos closer.

In the video you can see this happening over 4 frames:

Initially it scales up really fast but then slows down. Same with the Color, Super bright for a couple of frames but then turns darker.

Here’s your frame 1

and your frame 4 You can see that it doesn’t grow that much during this time.

Your explosion have a long lifetime, making it shorter and tweak how much it grows over time will do a lot for you.

In general I find good results using curves like this for explosion scaling:

I hope it helps a bit.
Good luck!


YES IT ABSOLUTELY helps ty very much for the reference and the tip :3

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Im not sure if this is any help, (its cascade, and I might approach things a bit different now)
but I made this video for someone who was struggling with explosions at the time:

And for timing in general, watch the “12 principles of animation” videos on youtube :slight_smile:


i think ill be able to implement it in unity so ty very much for the video :grin:
and i will watch 12 principal as well but the main reason that i wasn’t able to make the timing right was the lack of technical knowledge. at least thats what i think I love this easing function cheat sheet, great way to see the curve/timing you want. Good luck on your learning curve :wink:

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this is super cool. ty so much