How can I use Emitter time in Niagara in Particle Update? It's giving me an error

Hi, in Cascade we had the option to do something in Emitter time. Scale Color over Life for example but the color would change in emitter time. I’m trying to do something similar in Niagara and in the Curve index I’m using an [Emitter]NormalizedLoopAge parameter instead of [Particles]NormalizedAge. But it complains saying “Variable Emitter.NormalizedLoopAge was read before being set. It’s default mode is “Fail If Previously Not Set”, so this isn’t allowed. - Node: Map Get - [[EmitterName]], Particle Spawn Script Interpolated” What am I doing wrong?

You may want to capture a screenshot to show where you access Emitter.NormalizedLoopAge. The only way I can reproduce the same error is by reading NormalizedLoopAge in either System Spawn or Emitter Spawn.

Hmmm you’re right, I tried it in vanilla 4.27 and it doesn’t give error. The engine is slightly modified, or at least the module I’m using is, so it might be something on the team’s engineering side. I was using it in the Update Persistent Audio module though, but yeah it’s sliiightly modified inhouse I’ll check with an engineer.