How can I do this effect from "Avowed" in-engine

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Hi there! Need help achieving the above effect in Unreal, not sure how to go about it, any help would be appreciated, thank you! Thinking of flipbooks/fluid Ninja or maybe I might need none of those…Actual Vid here. Thanks a bunch


take a look at the sketchbook of @Pag1iaccio, because the hand moves dynamically I don’t think it’s just a simple flipbook alone. seems like upward vertex displacement with noise as wel as a texture/flipbook

(though the trailer also kind of looks like a pre rendered first person cinematic)


Thanks JoppeMin, will try this out!

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The best way to do this is to use volume smoke.


was wondering if was missing something, thx for catching that Hovl <3

Try particles driven by mesh, I believe you could start by that, but yeah as they say above you would need some trickery to displace the noise textures in case of using sprites…

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I’d say you’d probably want some mesh and correctly aligned mesh cards, especially in VR you can’t do any 2d flipbooks as they’re just too flat. Also this cinematic is pre-rendered so it’s a good reference, but I have yet to see something this high-fidelity in VR. But to keen to be proven wrong ofc.

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Thanks dudes! (character limit)