Help with water splash vfx shader (Texture Tiling) in Unreal Engine 5.1

So I’m working on this water splash vfx and I’m having a hard time with the timing of the central splash. Basically it’s a cylinder mesh and I have a texture tiling on it, I’m controlling the tiling in Niagara using a Dynamic parameter that controls the V Tiling of the texture in the shader setup.

NB: to make the texture tile on the mesh poperly I put Sampler Source on Shared:Clamp on the main texture in the shader

Shader setup:

I would never recommend animating the tiling over the lifetime of a particle, it’s very tricky to do and in some cases will break your tiling with most textures.

Instead offsetting the coordinate instead. by adding an Add node after multiplying your Texture Coordinate with 2 floats or a vector 2. This should allow you to manually control the position of the texture, allowing you to sweep it across a mesh similar to soulercoaster techniques.

Plenty of tutorials like this to be found.


I see! I tried it and now I can control the texture easily, thank you so much!