Group Portal Spawning Help UE4

Hello this is my first time posting on here and I was looking for some help with a project i’m working on i’m trying to create an effect in which a bunch of portals spawn around the player and shoot either beams or projectiles at them but i’ve run into a few snags

When trying to get the particles to spawn as a group with the burst list it continues to spawn multiple sets of them instead of the base 20 I want I was able to get this to work in unity by setting the burst to the number I wanted and setting the cycle 1

The other issue i’m facing is getting the portals to face toward the center of the sphere where the player would be

any help would be appreciated


Got the burst list to only spawn the portals once now just need to get the portals to spawn around the shape of the sphere

the Sphere module has an option for Surface which should create a hollow sphere shape for you.

are they sprites or meshes? either way if they’re set up to be camera facing then when the player camera is in the centre they’ll point towards it. If it’s 3d person then its a bit more tricky.

how much Blueprint do you know? If you want things firing then it sounds like it might be better to make the individual visuals (portals, lasers etc.) with particles and then use a BP to trigger them all off. That way you can get more control over the timing and locations etc.