FX feedback for demo reel

Hello everyone i hope everyone is doing ok i have been working on pieces for my demo reel i would love to hear feedback from you guys.






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Hey! This is great work! - A couple things I would mention, is in the explosion video, your rising smoke appears to move upward without any drag, maybe try slowing it down over time and see how that feels.

I like the anticipation on the rail gun, I just feel that the charge elements are a little small and hard to distinguish from a distance like an isometric view. Maybe try varying the size of the sparks that happen at the beginning so some appear larger and more visible from a distance.

Feel the lava needs more elements to sell the movement. I’m not sure which engine you are working in but try adding world position offset (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0T97VK1964) and see if it gives it a bit more movement. I’d also try making the panning texture you have more visible as it is hard to pick out at the moment, the value changes from emissive to dark are hard to differentiate.

The portal is rad, I’d just start with some movement of the portal right away so the world position texture you have in the center is immediately evident.

Again, great stuff! Look forward to more :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback @radm0bile i will add the changes