Distance based particle offsets using vertex shaders

Continuing the discussion from Lifarino’s VFX:
I didn’t want to splash his thread with a little experiment.

So I basicaly expanded just a tad on the idea by adding material based scaling to the mix and by changing particle movement so some of the particles enter and leave the sphere of influence in different ways.

Heads up, my licence for after effects has ended, and I don’t have any other editing software, so music and mouseclicks and everything are still in there :smiley: Sorry about that.



Sweet! I did a quick version in Unity via the Particle System’s “Custom Vertex Stream”

Thanks for the inspiration.

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Looking good,
Just wondering can’t you just feed in the data using a global shader variable in unity?
In that case any material having that variable would be able to react to the sphere position in some way :smiley:
Maybe something to play with :smiley:

I am using the “Custom Vertex Stream” to pass the “Center” of each particle sprite to the shader. I believe this is that best way to do this?

There is also a C# script that sets a material property with the Sphere’s worldspace position.

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Plugged it into a projectile effect, thought this looked kinda cool, so I made a quick little gif :smiley: