Dissolve technique!

Hi everyone, I have developed a commonly used dissolve technique for myself and I want to share this to the public. This approach enables you to have flexible edge and manage the value within a normalized range of 0-1, making it convenient and effective.
How it works?
Essentially, I generate a band with an edge spanning from (edge - 0) to (1 - edge).


The fundamental mathematics behind this:
First, let’s create a MF_Dissolve. (You can use smoothstep instead of my myLerp node, it’s mainly to keep value linear). The code inside the custom node is:

return clamp((gradient-min)/(max-min),0,1);

Then, you can extract the edge by flooring the result and subtract it from the result.

20231124_150532 640i

To push it further, after isolating the edge, you can do this to control the midpoint of the gradient.

20231124_151318 640i

To achieve this, I make it into a MaterialFunction named MF_GradientRemap.

  • Final look of the usage:


20231124_152051 640i

And that’s it – simply create a material function for all the aforementioned steps, and from now on, effortlessly add stylish dissolves to your work!


Love your post. I’ve made this many times over but each time I have to refigure it out (sometimes b/c another engine), and sometimes I don’t like what I made as much as last time. Thanks for the write up. I’ll have to try out your MF next time.


No worry! Glad you see it helpful. :smile: