Creating a Neutral Space to Demo VFX in UE4

Here’s a tutorial on how to create a demo space with a neutral backdrop to show off VFX in UE4. I’m hoping my fellow VFX artists or 3D artists can benefit from this :slight_smile: Give me your thoughts! Id love to add to this in a second video if there is more info you feel I should include.

Decided to remove this, as my opinion isn’t really relevant and it could be interpreted the wrong way. It’s a wellproduced tutorial. :slight_smile:

I mean, sure…that’s a take. I respect your opinion, but many fx artists do this to demo their work in a neutral space, so that the work they are showing isn’t upstaged by other environment art, character art, or post processing, etc. I will concede that it is beneficial to use this in concert with in game shots, so that recruiters can see the effect in context as well, but I would say its hard to see the work you’ve done in a say a racing game, where the cars fly by at 100 miles an hour. If in game shots were the only way to show effects, those artists would be out of luck. So I believe there is benefit to this approach. But thank you for the feedback.