Concrete Debris VFX Pack

Super happy to share that our Concrete Debris VFX pack has just been released ! :tada:

This VFX debris pack contains everything you’ll need to add AAA quality realistic and great looking concrete destruction to your project.

You can get it on :

Created by professional VFX and environment artists at Tuatara.
With provided scripts and examples to illustrate usage and ease of integration.

With this forum thread we want to gather users feedback and continue improving and extending the package !


it looks really nice with a lot of options. I’d be interested in this if I didn’t have to repaint the textures for a hand painted stylized look. It’s too realistic looking to fit in our world.

Also, if the package doesn’t include it, you should consider including a system for splat maps or some other way to show a chunk taken out of a concrete wall or floor, for example. I’ve seen some really cool ground displacement vfx here that might work on a wall.

While in the grand scheme $50 is totally reasonable for the amount of work put into this, for the money I would want something I could immediately put to work without having to write or create a bunch of other supporting content.

You could also recommend a mesh destruction plugin as a nice complement.

Thanks for your feedback.

Right, our asset has a very realistic style. That’s a good suggestion to add a stylized version ! For the moment I can’t provide an ETA but it would be a good addition.

Not sure about the splat maps you’re mentioning. Do you have examples ?

Concerning mesh destruction, I think that this heavily relates to the project (platform, needs, performances, etc.) and I don’t think that it would be fair to push one plugin over another.
Only thing we could push forward is Niagara destruction features using Chaos for example.

for splat maps / decals, here is an example, a gif from the game we are developing

Of course the decal would be dependent on whatever it was that damaged the concrete, but like “small chunk” and “large chunk” seems like they would cover 99.9% of uses.

For really large damage where you can’t or don’t want to use mesh destruction, it seems like something like this: Here's how to open Cracks, Fissures or Holes on the ground in Unity URP could work possibly on a concrete wall too. No glow, just shadow in there would suffice I think.

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Thank you for those details and for taking the time to share this gif @dark_tonic those are nice suggestions.

Also, auick message to all the customers. Thanks for your purchase ! :yellow_heart:
We hope that you like the package.
Do not hesitate to rate and share reviews, it’s always super motivating and helps improving its content !

We just released an update, Concrete Debris VFX Pack is now available on Unreal Engine 5.3.

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