Borderlands 3 VFX Art Dump!

Hello fellow VFX Artists! The Gearbox VFX team (alongside the entirety of Borderlands 3’s art group) has just completed a massive upload of Visual Effects footage to ArtStation. This is our personally curated selection of some of the real time FX we are most proud of that are least spoiler-y. We hope you enjoy seeing some of our work!!

As always, if you are interested in applying to Gearbox please see our job page. We are hiring!


Woooooh sooo good! :gem:

Mad props to the team :sparkling_heart:

Thanks for creating such an amazing experience! :sparkles:

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Congrats on releasing!! I’ve been enjoying all your work and stopping to analyze as i play :slight_smile:

I love the work so far great job on keeping everything within the Distinct Art Style of Borderlands!

does Seung Kim still have to upload his work, couldn’t find anything.

Also I’d be interested in seeing more gun work, muzzle flashes and tracers any chance those could be uploaded too?

@callandekeijzer Seung’s stuff is here!

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Thank you. This saves time doing screen grabs in game.

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