Blue Beam Charge Up

Started on some cool build-up/muzzle flash #VFX. Need a projectile and impact to go with it but I thought id share :slight_smile:



That’s so cool! Did you use curved meshes with a shader for that energy flowing in at the start? I’m trying to think of how you created that. Looks really awesome!

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Hey Sheila! Thanks for the compliments! And you are right! I used a few different curved meshes I made in blender and a shader that scrolls the UVs. I actually used a cool free online app to make the textures called Flame Painter. You can find it here: Its a bit touchy but you can get some cool stuff lol. I just used the clipping tool to capture the image once I got something I liked.

If you’re interested, I can post my shader so you can take a look :slight_smile:

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Oh ty for sharing! I never checked out this app before, but it looks interesting. Will give it a try :slight_smile: