As a complete beginner, where shall I start?

Hi wonderful people, I am very keen on learning VFX but I am a total beginner with no background on any aspects of game development whatsoever (dabbling with 3D modelling doesn’t count I guess…).
I plan to begin with Unity but I am not sure where to start.

Are there any particular ‘learning structure’ or things I should study first before I even begin making my first VFX? Like learning what particle is, or learning how to uhm, make a sprite…? :wails in confusion: I actually rummaged through CGWell, Youtube and CGHow but many tutes seem to begin from very different levels.

Thank you and I look forward to hear your responses!

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Welcome to the forums!

Check out this awesome post by @Travis:

And also, I highly recommend you to enroll on this course:

Have a nice time around here! :sparkles:


I think you will have a good starting point with this course down here. It goes from a complete beginner level to intermediate.

It shows how you should setup Unity as your VFX workplace and the fundamentals of this area.

There’s also a great community in the Q&A that helps each other. And i’m always around answering questions too. :slight_smile:

Enjoy and welcome to this community.


Hey guys, thanks for the recommendations! I am currently reading UE4’s documentation to understand what every bits and pieces mean, before I roll up my sleeves and get ma hands dirty! That includes purchasing courses and diving deeper (into particle systems)!