Announcing the first ever VFX Boot Camp at GDC 2017

Hey VFX Community!

It’s my pleasure to announce the first ever VFX Boot Camp. The Boot Camp will be a full day of sessions hosted at GDC 2017 on Tuesday February 28. Other disciplines like Technical Art and Animation have had boot camps for years, and it’s high time our smoldering corner of the development world gets one too.

The main goals of the boot camp are to nurture our growing community, share awesome tips & tricks, and have some fun face to face. In addition, we need fresh talent coming into this field, so if you’re reading this and considering pursuing a career in VFX we’d love for you to come and check it out.

It will be a melting pot of VFX ideas and inspiration.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jason Keyser (Riot)
  • Hadidjah Chamberlin (Blizzard)
  • Christina Wun (Riot)
  • Andreas Glad (Partikel)
  • Keith Guerrette (Beyond-FX)
  • Drew Skillman (Google)

Topics (more to come!)

  • VFX & The Rise of Real Time
  • Getting Scrappy With It: A guide to turning your dysfunctional VFX group into an industry powerhouse
  • Like a mace to the face - Leaving the Battlefield to go it alone
  • Artistic Foundations of Handcrafted VFX
  • Rapid Fire Lightning Talks

Remember to look into travel/accomodations soon. San Francisco gets booked up fast these days. The GDC site has some tips on that.

Post here or reach out to one of the co-organizers (@Keith, @Keyserito, @Christina, @Drew ) if you have other questions or comments. Look forward to seeing you there - more details to come.


Woooo!!! Thanks Drew for getting this through the GDC Board!

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Oh my god … look at the list of speakers.
I wish I could attend that :frowning:

I hope a video of this boot camp would be up on youtube or something. :slight_smile:


Is the boot camp part of the GDC Education Summit? just looking at the various passes and priced available to attend.

VFX Artist on the rise!
This is awesome news!

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No, there’s a special pass that’s education + Bootcamps and Tutorials I believe.

Awesome to see vfx get their own bootcamp, one question though!
Will any of this bootcamp be available in the gdc vault or elsewhere to view after the event?


I’m guessing just Expo won’t get me into this will it? :sweat:

In the past other boot camps have ended up in the vaults, but I don’t believe they are all recorded. So I think you can expect slides but not necessarily videos. We’ll be encouraging our speakers to share their presentations directly on this site as well.

Unfortunately not - pass options are listed here though:

:sob: Maybe I can do some side work and save up for a better pass option

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Too bad its only in San Francisco , come to Cologne as well !!

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" Like a mace to the face - Leaving the Battlefield to go it alone"

Wonder who this speaker is :smiley: @Partikel

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Every year I try to find a way to make it to GDC. Its so damn expensive, now I feel like I must somehow get there no matter what.

Need to consult with my wallet some more.


I went three years in a row when I was in school, and as soon as I stopped going there was a ton of VFX related stuff that happened last year and now this year :frowning: I’m going to have a nice long chat with my wallet as well

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This is great to see! I may miss it as that’s the day I arrive, so hopefully it’s available for reading later. This will be my first time at GDC, excited to meet some more Fx artists, we get lonely up here in Canada.

I am looking forward to it.

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Great job pulling this together, everyone! Hoping I can get TFB/ATVI to get me a pass. :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff, congrats to everyone who pulled this together. Would love for this to become an established part of GDC!

Hey all! Just pinging this thread because one thing we could use help with is getting the word out about this boot camp to the broader Film VFX industry. I don’t have a lot of contacts in that area, but I think for Film VFX folks who are curious to learn more about realtime, this is going to be an awesome opportunity to dive in, make connections, and leave with a variety of useful tips & tricks.

In addition, it would just be great to have them more involved.

If anyone has connections and can help spread the word, please do! Thx!