Announcing the first ever VFX Boot Camp at GDC 2017

Awesome news! I’ll chime in on those thoughts of a video online somewhere for those who can’t make it!

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I’m booking my flight to GDC and coming in Tuesday morning…does anyone happen to know what time this bootcamp starts at? The schedule online doesn’t have it up yet.


The schedule we’re putting together now has the first session kicking off at 10am. It’s possible that could change, but I’m fairly confident it won’t. Look forward to seeing you there!!

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I wish GDC had addons to passes for a smaller sum. Like, Expo pass for the expo price, and then I could add on a VFX option for X dollars that could get me into any FX related talks; instead of needing the next pass up just to get into these things :disappointed:

Maybe in the future.

Thanks for the response, Drew! Looking forward to this bootcamp, see you at GDC :slight_smile:

Bumping this as a reminder: Early registration discounts are ending this Wednesday, January 18:

If you fall in to the “master procrastinator” category, now is your time to shine :^D


Just bought my pass! Super excited to meet fellow VFX artists and be a part of the first bootcamp!


Very Interesting, Would love to see the video of that presentation

Can’t wait to be there! :slight_smile:


Seems like there will be a lot of us there and that is great! Do we need to reserve seat or something for the boot-camp in advance? Is private recording allowed?

No need to reserve a spot! We should have plenty.

And not sure about private recording. I feel like every GDC talk I see people recording, but not sure what the official GDC stance is…

I used to work as a conference associate, and though it’s been awhile (perhaps rules have changed) to the best of my knowledge we stop people from recording as best we can. Typically the talk is already being recorded or the speaker has plans to release the information in some way, so personal recording devices tend to disturb other attendees more than help.

Now that we have an awesome community site I’m sure we can plan ways to share all the wonderful info as well as rely on the vault.

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Ok guys, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yeah, video recording is off-limits, but you can take all the audio and photos you want. :slight_smile: