Add Delay UE4 FX Help

Hey everyone,
I wanted to ask how can i add delay in spawn Of emitter’s,
I want to add spawn delay on the ring’s they should spawn once sparks are about to die ,
and then 1st rings will appear after some seconds of delay 2nd ring and after that the 3rd ring.

what would be the best way to achieve that ,i tried generating and receiving death event’s and persistent ID’s,
but for some reason they are not working for me,

Here is YT Link of FX,

Here is my Niagara System,

Emitters can be delayed, or if you use spawn burst, you can set the burst to occur after a certain amount of time.

You can set the timing using system variables to make sure it always lines up.

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thnks i’ll try tht tmrw and see if i am able to make it work.

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Thanks so much ,

I added the System Variable and,
Multiplied it to Spawn time of Rings, and they are working correctly :slight_smile:

though i have another basic question,
as you can see i am using 3 emitter’s to spawn 3 rings ,
can i use Spawn Groups to spawn 3 different rings with delays from a single emitter,(i tried it but i was unsuccessful , maybe i need to try it again)
which method would be more optimized, i am learning vfx so i am trying to have a habit to be reasonably optimized.

would spawning them from a single emitter would really help with optimization.

You absolutely can.

You can add multiple spawn burst modules per emitter.

If you then press the down arrow on spawn burst, you can set the spawn group.
Then you can use the select from array and spawn group as an index to set values depending on the spawn group.

I would imagine it to be more optimized as you are losing some overhead. Probably not that much though.

okay i’ll try it right away ,

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