Yoeri -Luos- Vleer - Sketch #5 Kaiser Pulse

Hello everyone!

This is actually the first time I was able to find enough time and join in on a sketch.
I always like making weird lasers and other cannon vfx so I thought it was a good opportunity to just goof off and do something silly. I wish I had some more time to push it a bit further but the result makes me smile a bit so I think I achieved my goal. (goof off and make something silly)

I recorded most of the process during livestreams which can be found here:

and the final video can be seen here:

While I was goofing off with all the pewpewpew’s I did get some help from others.

So special thanks to: Celeste from Panda Studios!
She helped me iterate on my simple timing blueprint and made my life so much better.
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Cannon Mesh made by: David Sanchez Rivira
David offered to make a cannon for the thing during one of my lifestreams, I accepted the offer.

Cannon unwrapped/textured by: Alessa Baker
Alessa has been kind enough to pull the cannon trough Quixel for a nice skin.

Meshes/Particles/cannon effects made by me.
Things I would do different/add if I had the time:

  • I’d spend a hell of a lot more time on getting the timing and impact right, its something I am occasionally struggling with quite a bit, and consider it my Achilles heel still. Its getting better, but I really need to keep focusing and improving myself.

  • I’d add more KAPOW the moment the cannon shoots, besides having something animated on the cannon to add impulse, I would add a temporary massive blast at the tip of the cannon to add more power to the blast.

  • Animate the entire cannon. sadly there was no time for this, between work and having to wait for David & Alessa to find some time themselves I didnt have time to animate the cannon. Its all good since its not really mandatory for this sketch but it would’ve added quite some more oomph.


Damn! That angle going into the camera xD. Those red crazy trails are so good.

Definitely feels like something different than a traditional effect! That explosion at the end is the best :heart_eyes:

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So how did you die?


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Shoot ME in the face with THE PARTY GUN!