World of Warcraft: Legion Show Reel - Terrie Denman - 2016

I also have it on Youtube if you’d like the option to slow down/speed up

Youtube Version


This is so awesome @Sai ! I want to be able to make spell VFX like this one day too!

This is very very cool, thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

For anyone wanting to go frame by frame: Frame by Frame Youtube Videos - Real Time VFX

Your work is fantastic and certainly I have a better understanding of what to put in my own portfolio, but I will try to offer some feedback.

  1. The opening flythrough is a bit jittery with its camera movements and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be looking at, did you build the environments here as well?
    That said, some of the atmosphere show in these scenes is pretty nice. My only advice would be trying to smooth out that camera movement.

  2. The first shot in the “Testing” area is great. However I wonder if you could disable the damage numbers.
    This stems more from them being a little distracting when trying to look at the FX themselves but ultimately totally fine.

  3. At (1:33) you have these portals that open up. they shoot a beam out of them, one of which intersects the ground. I don’t know if you can use soft particles in WoW and certainly in game a player wouldn’t notice but for the showreel it did pop out to me.

  4. At (2:15) And this one is just picky, but the fire seems to lose a lot of momentum at the end, obviously you don’t want the effect to keep flying full force so perhaps it could erode away quicker in the last few frames of its life?

  5. At the end, you don’t display your information again. This is really up to personal preference as any one looking at the reel will probably be fine jumping back to the start to get that info if they wanted it. Personally I like to bookend my reel with info at start and end, particularly my name so that it might stick better in the head of whoever watches it.

  6. My favourite effect was: (3:58) Where the demon turns into leaves. It looks really cool and I sat there a few moments trying to figure out how you did it. It looks very natural and fluid! It is also unlike any other effect you have in the reel so it stood out.

  7. My least favourite effect was: (2:20) After the cool fire one just before it, this one felt very tame and small. It just showed the character repeating the same action like 3 times and a little particle effect that had kinda already been better demonstrated with your other effects earlier.

  8. I have heard you should keep your reel to 1-2 mins, but I sat right through yours and never really got bored (That said I’m a VFX artist too not HR :stuck_out_tongue: ) I think the length is fine, but could potentially be a little shorter.

All in all your effects are sweet and you demonstrate a lot of different types here, I would have liked to see more ribbons or non particle based FX but your timing and weight was pretty awesome.

I hope this feedback helps and ultimately you probably have more experience than I so take my advice with a grain of salt.


good job terrie! :slight_smile: may I ask how long was the production time for these effects and everything was developed inhouse ?

Awesome work! I’m loving those weapon trails too!

Lovely stuff! The trails are sooo good :slight_smile:

It really varies asset to asset. If the magic school is established, an impact takes me a day or less. It eeally depends on the game mechanic though. All of WoWs vfx are inhouse.

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Awesome art! I love that color gradients. )