(WIP) (FYP) Real-Time VFX in Game



FYP: [Project Star Bounty]

FX Artist - Kidman Lee

*These are the effects I have made for my group project. I will keep updating my new effects in the game. Also hoping to get more feedback and suggestion to improve these effects!

If you are interested in our game:

I mostly update new and cool effect on Artstation:

Effect Progress:

[Speckle Effect]

[Wind Gust]


This is the waterfall from the very beginning

Using Spline Component

*Problem: The water splash particles blocked by the spline mesh

*Problem Fixed

Dynamic Flow Material


[Environment by Clarence Munji] :rolleyes:

[Environment by Clarence Munji] :rolleyes:



Material for Electricity


Using Beam Data from Particle System

[Scene provided by Clarence Munji] :rolleyes:

[Scene provided by Clarence Munji] Clarence Munji did some changes to fit the environment.

When the electricity particle collides on any static mesh, the sprites will spawn one the location it collides.

  • Light is not strong enough

[Environment by Clarence Munji] :rolleyes: