Why i can't rotate this particle?


Whenever i try to rotate this, it returns to same position as you can see in gif. Why?

Yoeri Luos, grandmaster of UE4 particles, please, show yourself!

Do your particles have velocity?

Hey, can you share the setup? There could be a lot of things going wrong. Not just velocity, but also gravity or force or… a bunch of other things.

With the minimum of information given, this sounds more like a riddle than an actual issue… so my guess is:

The mouse cursor is leaving the active window, hence the rotation is aborted and transform is set back to where it was… Right?

I’ll show the setup right now. Just wait to the engine open. If you want to Go further, the particle is from Kwang (Paragon, as you can see the path on the GIF). A Lot of paragon’s fxs i can’t rotate. But for some reason, If i right click and press “transform” → “mirror in Z” It can be rotated. I’ll show the setup.

The engine still loading…

Sorry, my engine for some reason is in a different language, so i think you would not understand so i deleted, but it has velocity and is PSA_velocity, velocity is full on -20 Z. When i changed the velocity to X, it “”"“rotated”""" to X.

It did not rotate. Velocity means speed. With adjusting the velocity to another Vector, you just told them “go in this direction with the speed of v”.

For me it sounds like you have to go a step back and learn the fundamentals of particle systems. With that knowledge it will be easier and more worthwhile dissecting effects made by others.