What is the theory behind FX, and how to achieve stylized style?

Hello, i am new here obviously, and i just found this forum, while i was searching for VFX for games.
I am really interest to learn stylized fx, just like WoW, dota 2, LoL. But i am not sure where to start.
I am usually 3D Artist, making environments, and i am trying to slowly to learn how to do fx as well. But, i have no idea how to even start. What do i need to learn before i do FX? Do i need to learn programming at all? I am very very bad a programming, and i hate it. Do i need to know something like, physics,math?

I scoured this forum for a while, and i can’t seems to find how to do stylized vfx? Because it is stylized, i assuming there will be hand painting involved? Do i need to use Substance Designer/Painter for VFX?

I am already experience with Photoshop, UE4,Maya, Substance Designer and Painter, Zbrush etc.

So Any advice pls?

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try the search function this website has and search for “stylized” we have quite some documentation about it.

Prerequisites for VFX: https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/pixar/effects

Then blow through these:

Have fun!

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