League of Legends VFX Breakdowns

Here’s a playlist of videos explaining the high-level process for League VFX.


These are so so valuable. I wish every tool was this simple to create a breakdown for!

Ah, if only! The one thing the engine debug tool will do for me is show the polygon edges on meshes. Beyond that, it’s up to me to deconstruct each asset, then screen grab each pass, then edit it all together, then play the edited video with Camtasia recording while I talk for the final export.

TL;DR: Each one of these videos takes about 6 hours to produce.

But yes, I also wish for simple tools. lol


Oh wow. Props to you for making that look so smooth then! I’m extremely
grateful for them!

Hey Jason -

We’re trying out a new layout for the site - can you add an image to your original post? It’ll be used as the background of the featured tile here.

Sure thing. Image uploaded.

It’s awesome to see other people’s workflows. I would have never thought to use the vertex shaders…I probably would have blended from one map to another. Also I would have used an alpha for the transparency on the funnel fire too. Now that I know it can be done with vertices mixed with the maps I will have to think about thinks differently. Definitely saves resources :smiley: Super thanks!

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I just love to watch those videos. I always learn new things from them, and seeing how League effects are made is always a pleasure. :slight_smile:

Do you plan to make more of those breakdowns? I would really love to see more!

@Sirhaian I would love to make more, but I’ve got multiple other projects in flight at the moment. Probably the soonest would be sometime mid next-year. But don’t worry, the other projects should be just as valuable (hopefully!). Meanwhile, I’m totally digging your tutorials! I’d love to see a thread dedicated to them in the Resources category.

Keep it up, my friend!

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lol. Just realized you already made that post. well played, sir. well played ;^]

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Haha, thanks a lot! Really glad you like them, and really happy it can help some people. :blush:

And I can’t wait to see your next projects, then. I’m hyped, now. :smile:

These are really good! I know a lot of the theory, but it was really cool seeing all of these different parts and techniques combined together.

This might be a bit off-topic for this thread, but I figured it could use a bump any way… Is it common to have this many separate parts in realtime VFX? I’ve always been a bit paranoid about not using any extra stuff, or too many types of particles, or not spending too many vertices on an effect mesh. If this much is fine on general non-spammed effects, that opens up all kinds of possibilities for more interesting effects.