What are the best free tutorials for learning realtime FX in Houdini to Unreal/Unity?

Title. Also, any good tutorials on Niagara?

I highly recommend you check @Partikel Houdini For Games awesome course! :sparkles:


Apparently you have to pay for it though. =S There is a 10 day free trial, but I don’t know if that’s enough days to learn. Would I be able to download the videos at all?

Well, I’m not sure about the “Best free tutorials” but I’d suggest

  • Learning Houdini SOPs and VEX
  • Learning your Game Engine and start making things.

That’ll give you problems to solve and you can start applying that knowledge and get better/find solutions.

Once you stumble upon specific problems you can ask specific questions and get help here, in sidefx forums etc.

This is just me talking to my 13 year old self but I’d recommend doing this and not relying too much on finding tutorials. They’re cool when they show up though :smiley:

I’m sorry if I assume you haven’t already or if this detracts from the point of your question and thread, but maybe this’ll help someone else who stumbles upon this thread.

There’s a bunch of stuff here already.

  • Digital Assets
  • Gamedev Tools
  • Modeling
  • Terrain
  • UE4/Unity Plug-in

You can get started in VEX by following along Matt Estela’s JoyOfVex


(The rest of cgwiki is brilliant as well)

And of course, documentation is your best friend.


If you want to learn some Python or programming in general I’d recommend


And of course, some linear algebra and math is always nice

Good luck :smiley:


Actually it helped a lot! I was wondering how to go about starting with Houdini. I have learnt Unreal and how to make FX using it, but I was wondering how to transfer effects from Houdini to Unreal. I suppose I would learn along the way anyways and if I run into a problem, like you said, I’ll look it up.

Thank you so much for the thorough answer. :smile:

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