Houdini for Game VFX course

This has been a long time coming. My Pluralsight course on using Houdini to create content for game vfx is Live!

In it you’ll start with an empty Houdini scene and finish with a large explosion in Unreal 4. You’ll create the textures and meshes needed in a way that you can reuse and polish for many projects to come. Over 3 hours of content tailored specifically to making gameready assets. If you’re Houdini curious, this is for you! Dig in!



So sweet! Great job :smiley:

awesome, i picked up a subscription recently to learn houdini and this is now top of the list!

Oh, and since the endresult wasn’t included in the overview, I’ve uploaded a short clip of it here:

It’s not the prettiest effect in the world, but nobody wants to wacth me polish and finetune settings for hours. All the techniques are there that you need to create something amazing :slight_smile:


Wanted to learn VFX and Houdini, this will be the perfect fit for me. Thanks !

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It’s great that you are making Houdini more accessible for beginners. I am looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

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Andreas, you’re publishing enough stuff that you should probably just have a personal “resource” post here and just keep updating it. :slight_smile:

There was a thread a while back arguing against that to keep the forum as searchable as possible. I think this way makes it easier to check out the things you’re interested in and ignore the rest.


Amazing… Absolutely amazing!

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Looking forward to watching this!

Nice, always wonderful seeing people taking time and sharing their knowledge. =)
But is there a way to buy this course from you directly? To be honest i’m quite reluctant when it comes to supscribing to a site when i’m not sure that i can make enough use of the content there.

It’s subscription only I’m afraid. You can register for a trial and get through most of the course, as long as you don’t rewatch anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, buying a 1 month subscription costs 29 usd which is probably less than I’d have to charge on Udemy or CGCircuit. And that gives you access to everything else as well.


Thanks for this series, just finished it and learned a lot! Absolutely fantastic!


Thanks for the tutorial! I registered for a trial and watched it. Since I am very new to Houdini and Unreal, too, this was very helpful for me.


Very nice tutorial @Partikel - hope to see more from you!

I’m keen on learning houdini but what would you guys recommend for me to check out first? I mean, this course of @Partikel looks nice but as far as I’ve seen houdini workflows they are quiet diferent that what I am used to. Are there any online tutorials in regards to dynamics, physics, particles and sims that you recommend?

I’ve seen this guy lately https://vimeo.com/user6703993/videos and wonder where I can find any usefull tutorials about such things :slight_smile:

Quick question. Is Houdini Apprentice enough for this? Or is the “real deal” required?

You can try the workflows in apprentice, but you can’t export or render without watermark. However, I have provided source files that you can use when you transition over to Unreal.

Nice! Going to try this out soon.

thank you so much Mr Glad!
this course and your tutorials are great source for newcomers like me.
when ever i want to dive into vfx your name will come up first! thank you so much!