Weather Tools [WIP]

Hi everyone! I’m currently in my last year and to have my diploma, I have to write a dissertation. And I decided to talk about VFX, and especially weather effect in video games.
So, I want to make a tool to create easier weather for games (nothing special but it’s a good practice)
For now, I’m working on unreal, I’ll try later to make this on Unity, or maybe to do this on Popcorn FX.
Here my work for now :

I made a particle system for rain and another for snow. It’s basic but I want something dynamic so you can adjust the duration of the rain/snow. You can change intensity, add some bolt… Of course I made some dynamic shader for snow and rain.


I make some materials for post process to add some textures on the screen. But it’s really hard to make a cool effect for rain, with drops on screen.

Here some test of my tool :

For now, nothing is attached to my player, as you can see the storm is in the middle of the scene. ^^’ I want to make a really cool storm, and a tornado. It’s kind of cheap right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s a begining but I want to make a really cool tool, so if you have any advices, or some really cools articles about this, I’m very interested. Thanks !

Some test for a student project with my tool. Three different time, with post process, FX, Fog, and shaders dynamic. Only one BP to control this during one game.

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