Want to create awesome portfolio for my effects - What to do?

Hello people, My name is Minal, studying masters in game development and interested to become vfx artist in future. I want to know what will be best portfolio structure for showcasing effects like shield, magic circles, power-ups, etc. Please help me since I am pretty novice in this area and just started to make few effects.

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Hey broskie!

The way I showcased my FX are through the projects I worked on in college and some personal work. It worked pretty well in getting me a job :slight_smile: here is my website as an example or refrence to help you ^u^ https://www.raed2art.com/

Since you said your novice(so am I :smiley: ) , send me a message and I’m always willing to help out ^u^ and give you tutorials and ways to create fx and make them look awesome ^u^ !

Also I graduated December 2016 and am currently working at hi-rez studios as an FX artist :smiley:

I do hope you have a great time! and keep going after ur passion :smiley: it will drive you to be an awesome FX artist :smiley: ^u^ take care broskie!

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Hey Minal, glad to have you!! I’m not positive there is a “best” way, but there are a few options for showcasing FX.

There was a discussion on the facebook page asking a similar question, and @Agilethief posted his portfolio which has a very nice, clean layout: https://agilethief.artstation.com/

There is always trusty youtube to post a video of a collection of your FX. DeviantArt, Pintrest, any art hosting site that floats your boat. I highly encourage creating a dev blog here to showcase your growth :smile:


Thank you for quick reply. Yeah as you said I have done work on college projects and I am going to include that in portfolio. Thanks for giving me reference, I know hi-rez studios and met some great people in GDC’17 with cool advice. I would definitely like to know ways to create fx and make them look awesome!! :grin:

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Cool. I’ll have a look at it. And I’m planning to post some FX on this site as well for feedback soon. Thanks a lot. :smile:

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I like artstation.com, the free version is perfect. I know some VFX Artist who use it 2.
Welcome :smiley:

PERFECT! I’ll have a look at it.:grin:

One thought process you can take when thinking of “what to do”…is to think about the company / games / styles you want to work for / on.
Research them and make effects that would fit their theme / style.

Want to work at Blizz doing VFXs…what do their VFXs usually look like, try to match them.
Want Infinity Ward? Recreate Call of Duty VFXs.

Or in the end for practice, either do whatever you want…or if you are starting out, start with the basics.
By basics I mean…fire, smoke, sparks, etc. Then try doing those basics in different style. Cartoony / Stylized fire VS realistic fire…and so on.

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Yeah sure! I am trying to recreate some of Blizzard’s hearthstone VFX right now, and then I’ll shift to Epic Games - Paragon VFX. Thank-you for your advice.:relieved: