Volume textures as atlases?

I got a question. Normally if U want subuv animation with blending and stuff U need an atlas texture and sometimes blending between frames. If I use volume texture with 3 dimensions… mipmapping and blending should be taken care by sampler? On stats it look almost the same in cost of material . But I can disable all frames and just use a dynamic parameter or even particle life on material. Whats the catch for such usage of volume textures?

Yes this is a desireable use case as it saves a texture lookup which is a “free” optimization, however right now Volume Textures in UE4 don’t stream (it’s on the list) so you would pay too high a memory cost to make this useful. I’d hold off for no until you see that fix in the patch notes.


Thank you! Finally some1 know sth useful :slight_smile: Ill be shipping new project in a year so probably fix will be here by then. Thank you!