VFX tutorials - poll

Hello lads and gents. I am thinking about creating some tutorials and I’ve been wondering what would interest you the most? Also do you prefer written or video tutorials (bare in mind that most of the things I am proposing are code-related subjects)?

  • (Unity3d) creating custom Shuriken modules
  • (Unity3d) creating particle shaders in HLSL (pure code)
  • (VFX tools) writing standalone VFX texture packer utility in Python
  • (3ds Max / Maxscript) writing FumeFX->FGA exporter
  • (Other - write in comments)

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Tbh, they all sound appealing.
If i were able to choose multiple it would be, Custom shuriken modules on #1, curious to see what’s possible there.
aswell as some python bcuzz i keep see it popping it up here and there, and never really invested time in it.
And last choice would be Particle Shaders, which main reason behind that is bcuzz i want to learn more about shaders overall, coding side is in there to.

Excited to see what other’s are going to vote for :slight_smile:

Long term, I was thinking about putting a series of tutorials for people wanting to do more technical effects. Basics of c#, hlsl, python, creating basic tools, code for driving custom effects by gameplay values, optimization etc. It seems that there are quite a lot of tutorials for programming, graphics programming and some for tech art but I haven’t seen anything that would compile all that knowledge for VFX people.