VFX Staples: Shape, Color, and Motion - 80lvl Interview

Hey everyone!

I did Interview for 80lvl, some of you probably saw on FB but in case you missed it, here it is:

I would like your feedback! What do you like and what to improve?



Great one! I’ll like more about how you create textures, but nice one.
Taking notes ^^

Hey @SrRubfish thanks for the feedback. Creating textures would be more like tutorial but its nothing revolutionary :stuck_out_tongue: Textures are done in Photoshop or After Effects, mostly painted.

More for tips creating noise and that kind of stuff. Thanks <3

I’ve seen this article before, but for some reason only half of the images will load. Can’t see the environment or character effects. Are they up somewhere else?

Hmmm… not sure why you cant see all the images, they work for me. this is going to sound stupid, but try refreshing the page :stuck_out_tongue: