VFX Sketch #20: Winners and Badges!

Congrats to everyone who participated! We had quite the turnout this time around as the community really took to this last challenge and showed that you can really do quite a lot with so little! Let’s get to your favorite entries this past month!

1st Place: @simonschreibt


Congratulations @simonschreibt! Check out their WIP here: Simon Trümpler: Sketch #20 WIP

2nd Place: @AlexFedorov

Congratulations @AlexFedorov! Check out their WIP here: Alex Fedorov: Sketch #20 WIP

As promised, we’ll now start posting the 2 top runner-ups! This past month they were:

1st runner-up: @Dom. Check out their awesome work here: Dominikus Reiter: Sketch#20 WIP

2nd runner-up: @PixelPerfect. Check out their awesome work here: PixelPerfect: Sketch #20 WIP

If you didn’t have the time to get your entry in or make as much progress as you would have liked, feel free to continue to iterate and work on last months entry! Alternatively, if you would like a fresh new challenge, be sure to check out the next VFX Sketch!

Thanks again to all those who participated this past February. We’ll be dishing out your badges to your profiles shortly! We’ll see you in the next sketch! :sparkles:


Congratulations @simonschreibt and @AlexFedorov both incredible pieces!

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Very well done! keep up the good work!

Ohhhh! Thank you! <3


Congrat to you guys you do an amazing work !

Congrats everyone, really impressive stuff! :slight_smile:

congratulations everyone!

brilliant stuff guys! this challenge was super fun ^^

Awesome! well done :smiley:

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Congratulations, great work everyone! :smiley:

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congrats ! looks really cool.


Definitely cool to see how the timing and colours and shape change make so much of the FX over the shape of the sprites used!!! Hope I’ll get to this level of tricks and knowledge someday >:^)

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