Dominikus Reiter: Sketch#20 WIP


I will try to get close to those handsomely handpainted fx by Alex Redfish:




Come on circle, we can do this!


Wow that looks really cool, love the style on it! Would love too see a breakdown how you did that later on.

Looking forward to see what you’ll do with it.

Edit: Or did my tired brain misunderstand and the gif is the the goal :stuck_out_tongue: (since it was 2 links my morning brain just assumed the gif was your progress)


Hey @Axelorio, I wish it was the progress ^^. Sorry if the initial post was misleading.
Gonna update asap with the first WIP, still a long way to go:



No worries :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck none the less!


Thanks @Axelorio

Some wispy results while playing with noise inputs:


I love the cell shapes :open_mouth: Did you create them by subtracting?


yeah, well guessed. Some Simplex2D overkill subtracted from each other:


I’m a fan of the effect. I know that using the 3D noise node you can also pan in the z channel. might be interesting for flames.
I’m not directly trying to recommend noise because many people over here don’t like it but yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


that panning in the Z channel part is very interesting. When I’m quite happy with the result, it might be cool to experiment with one of those framerate munchers!


here is the next iteration:

and with a bit more dynamic silhouette:


did some tweaking and cleanup, nearly happy with that:



Did some cleanup and a bit refinement too.

It is quite simple now, with two sine distorted simplex2D noises and the circle sampled two times: