VFX Pets & animals!

Happy holidays everyone!

I asked Keith (quite) a while ago if it was fine to start a topic about our pets, the ones that support us no matter what, keeps us warm during cold days, and makes us that much happier on days where nothing seems to go right. shakes fist at 3dsmax crashes

So share images (or videos) of your dearly beloved pets and other critters you care about!

so, here are some photos of my household, which is 7/9th four legged animals, and two tiny humans trying to take care of them all.

the one up close is Chibi, destroyer of anything comfortable, and the reason why we dont have any non-second hand couches. she is about 21 years old and likes snootboops and kisses.

This is Granny Spot, mother of Chibi and Katz, 22 years old and annoyingly adventurous, leaping from 2nd floor windows and eater of mice brain. (we get the rest of the body) she’s quite old, deaf, and slightly demented, which results in me worrying more than any other creature I care for.

This is Quilla, hisses at anything she doesnt like and cannot live without my gf. she’ll be at the front door or window waiting until she comes back, and nothing pleases her more than sitting on top of her.

these two are Hito (orange, will come back to him later) and KatZ, brother of Chibi and son of Spot.
Also a 21 years old and wants nothing more than being petted.

This is Hito, when we got him he was already quite overweight, and no matter how much exercise we give him, he doesnt seem to lose any pounds/kilo’s. He is a very jolly cat that just loves to watch humans doing their thing. if there is a carpenter in the neighborhood chances are he’ll sit close to them and just watch them build something.
Of all the cats he also enjoys cardboard boxes the most.

These two are Humpie and Dumpie, which along with KatZ, Chibi, and Spot I inherited from my mother.
They where treated like children and have no clue what cars are. Very adorable dogs, but so… soooo stubborn.

I could go on and on about them, but this is enough for now.
Please share your vfx-pets with us, and if you have great stories about them tell us!
We’d love to hear about them.


Your fluffies are cute af. Unfortunately I don’t have any pets yet.

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Your pets are so cute! And you seriously have some cats with admirable ages. :heart_eyes:

This is Frits. He’s 13 year’s old. He loves nothing more than food, but I hope he loves me a little bit too and that it’s not just play pretend to get more snacks. He does likes to cuddle though. Especially when I’m not paying attention and he stabs his nails right through the skin of my legs into my soul. It hurts, but I’ll take it.

This is (or was) Misha. We lost him recently, because he was very, very sick. He had been a weak and small cat since he was very young. He was 12 and a half year’s old. I still want to mention him, because he was my support through everything. When I would come home, he would greet me at the door. (Frits never does that). When I was home, he was almost always in a distance of less than three meters away. As soon as my butt was on a couch or chair, he was laying on my lap. He was always meowing when he saw me. Not for food, like Frits does, but for cuddles. I miss him every day.


Here’s my doggie Velvet Sue Bear. Soft as velvet.

We say that if she’s good, we’ll give her all the bacon in Texas.

She’s wild and loves to get on the couch even if she isn’t supposed to.


These are our 2 cats Felicity (10 months old) and Penelope (6 years old). Felicity is full of energy enjoys chasing Penelope around the house until she gets hissed at, Penelope doesn’t want to play all the time and just wants to do other cat things like sleeping. They secretly love eachother though, and you can find them cuddled up together.

Felicity’s first Christmas destroying wrapping paper…


We got 3 cats,

Toby the black an white one is young and playful,
Merlin the completely black one is a old man who loves to cuddles and
Lilly is the Silver grey one who is abit of a diva


When living back with family and working from home I had this lil monster watch over me:

She was called Frida and sadly died earlier this year when I was back home visiting my folks. Had a chance to say goodbye at least :slightly_smiling_face:
Moving every few years makes it harder to have pets really, so I’m putting that off until I’m more settled. In the meantime I have fun with my friends’ pets!


Aaaaaaaall about this thread

Here’s my cat Spoofie (all dressed for Halloween), whom I sadly couldn’t bring with me when I moved to the States.

Since moving, I did get two wonderful new pets - the cat Daphne, and the tiny yorkie Heike


I used to live with a cat, but sadly she was my roommates’ cat and stayed with them when I moved out… And in our new apartment, we’re not allowed to have any cats or dogs. Regardless, here’s a pic of that old lady, Isis, queen of the night, in her natural state:

Now, here’s Tarzan. He’s old and grumpy and doesn’t like people or change or having his photo taken. Fun fact: chameleons don’t change color as camouflage, but based on their mood. Green means happy, red means stressed…

We also downsized from three to one aquarium in our last move - this oddly poised bouquet of frills is Ms. Ives, its main occupant:

She shares her home with a handful of these little fellows, who have no names:


Accompany the pet to play at home


such a cute load of animals and critters :slight_smile: just warms my heart :slight_smile:


Everyone, meet my cat Mark Watney. Watney, meet everyone.

He’s the best fuzzmuppet I could ever ask for.


We have prawns (and fishes) c:
And for a few days I take care of this two pretty birsds and a cat (danger)


All those beautiful animals… This is a great idea @Luos_83, thanks to everyone for sharing!

Here is my 4 years old kitty, Kali, that I adopted after somebody abandonned her outside.
Here she is cuddling on my boyfriend’s tummy!


Ya’ll have some awesome pets/fuzzy-members-of-your-famly! So as I post this, I personally don’t -any longer- have a pet. But I did, of sorts, so I hope that slight distinction is not an issue, especially since as far as conventional “pets” go, this creature was quite special. I’ll never have a… member of the family like this again.

I miss the li’ll cuddle nugget.

It looks like most of my really good pictures (and videos) are in storage, but these two quickly composited fuzzy images should still do justice… seeing as he was just as fuzzy.

Say hello to my departed Devon Rex … Mr. Spock. :vulcan_salute:

Would have been a show cat, had it not been for his knocked knees. Fur like Poodle, silky soft. Didn’t really shed at all. Warmest Cat of any breed. Loved to cuddle. Loved people and dogs. Loved to play fetch. LOVED hide and seek. Hated other cats. Snored… always surreal. Liked to rest his head on the left shoulder, and just… purr. Just because. Super chill personality. SMART! So so very intelligent. My cat had, frankly, all the pluses of a dog, but with the pluses of a cat.

He was a real Character that one, a real people person. I could go on and on, obviously, but… yeah. Words don’t do justice how awesome of a creature Mr. Spock was. We had him for 14 glorious years when he passed in 2017. I miss ‘em, but I was blessed to have 'em.

Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… [voice breaks] human.


Adorable <3 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks. She does have a way of taking the most adorable/funny poses to maximize the effect :smile:!

@Mez I’m sorry for you lose. Losing an animal we grew up with leaves a terrible hole in the heart :broken_heart:. 14 years is a nice number for a cat, he lived a good life, I’m sure. Devon rexs are such incredible cats and Mr.Spock was very handsome and seemed very cuddly.


Meet Sparky … :heart_eyes:


Ho my, he is so cute! He could be a cartoon character in a awesome TV series! He also has the name for it :sparkling_heart:!


Sorry for spam, I forgot to show you my fishie :blush: