VFX Playgrounds 😂

Hey there!

I thought about starting a topic similar to this one:

Instead of pets, let’s share our VFX / Tech Art Playgrounds!

I’m sure almost everybody has one of those projects where you experiment and do RnD all over the project, fearless of breaking a thing.

Playgrounds are similar to Sketchbooks, but Sketchbooks tend to be more polished, something we don’t mind sharing with the world.

This could be a great opportunity for newcomers or curious artists to take a look at some of the stuff we craft but we never intend to share, so we can all easily discover strange workflows or approaches that could potentially turn into cool stuff someday!

Gonna start with my most recent Playground:


This one has multiple shaders, Niagara Systems, and Houdini related stuff, such as RBD sims, VAT… Some awesome Twitter tips and tricks and also some tuts!


This one dates from 2015 - 2016 when Houdini in UE became somewhat popular. Made everything using houdini assets, models, textures and such.

Feel free to ask about anything you’d like to know more about :blush:


Hey this was really great to see. As a student it’s a real help knowing what artists get up to and how they experiment. Thanks for sharing your systems and sims.
I’m surprised this hasn’t caught on more with the community!