VFX Pets & animals!



there is no spam, only cute animals :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you all for posting, and keep em coming!


This is my little girl Lucy!
(This is the only photo I was able to find in my HDD. I’ll ask wife for prettier photos! :smiley:


I don’t know… It looks like a nice pic to me.

Why did you name your guitar Lucy? /s


(loud noise warning)

two of my cats really love the vacuum cleaner.


Ho my, I wish my cat liked the vacuum cleaner… she always freaks out like it’s the end of the world.
So cute!



Nice effects guys, any start to achieve that cuteness?


Sooo many cute pets! <3

Meet Bayonetta, she loves Youtube, sunflower seeds and sleeping. :smiley:


Most awesome name ever.
10/10 would not want to be on her bad side.


My co-worker “Inky” who visits me when hes not sleeping ^^


This is Moxie. She likes to sit in my lap during my late night vfx sessions, and she really is as tiny as you think


For some reason I kind of want a vfx sketch where we need to incorporate one of our pets.
And people not having pets can borrow ours :stuck_out_tongue:


Baby version

All grown up!