VFX by cokey

hi~This is my VFXreel,by Unreal 4.I come from china,my english is not good:)
My facebook is Cokey Li ,and wechat is cokeyli ,


李老师哪里都有你的踪影啊哈哈哈 teacher li na li dou you ni de zong ying a hahahahahah


我正要在这里发一下你的课程呢 没想到被你抢先了哈哈哈 我是一期学员290,即将报名第四期

Oh My God … Superb work Mr Cokey :slight_smile:


Wow. This is great work. :slight_smile:

Sooo beautiful! Especially those shapes in your beams :astonished: :open_mouth: :heart:

What kind of shaders do you use to get that cartoony look? Particularly the one for the explosions. Also are you using meshes for them or is it a bilboard particle?

支持一下~ :grin: :grin: :grin:

This is awesome! I would love to hear about you process for these effects.

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:grinning: great work…

Awesome work! I’d love to see some breakdowns as well, nice to see the Chinese community joining in :slight_smile:

It‘s really mamzing!:heart_eyes:cheer for my teacher and go off with my money :grinning:

Nice work! A breakdown of some of your techniques would be great :wink:

do you still work for tencent? Whats your current situation ! :slight_smile: Amazing work btw,

if you want to c more, you have to check this one out!

This is the kind of stuff I would love to achieve myself. great work!

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amazing!!!! you are the super star!:scream:

Your work is insanely good! Wow! That’s all I’ve got, I’m at a loss for more words

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